snow small feet

My right knee and left foot are at the same height,
but my legs are still straight. Yet I endured the pain
in order to take this photograph. For you.

I was going for "It's no small feat". Did it work?

Hard to tell, but
trust me, it's deep.
 The snow is packed four feet deep on the sidewalks. We are now walking four feet above the ground, supported entirely by solidified water. It may come as a surprise, but unlike asphalt, packed snow is not exactly uniformly sturdy. Step on the wrong part and your entire leg vanishes. If you've ever accidentally done the splits, well, this is like that. But vertically.

It's kinda like being in the Arctic and falling into a crevass. Except that there you fall two hundred feet to a certain death, whereas here the fall is two feet and the death not quite so certain. Certainly startling, though, especially if you're weighed down by several heavy grocery bags....

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