(this ain't gonna reveal the best side of my personality, so don't read it)


steal this dvd

You wouldn't steal a car
You wouldn't steal a handbag
You wouldn't steal a television
You wouldn't steal a movie.

Just rented a movie and apparently they are still using this. I first saw it as a teenager like a decade ago, and I thought it was idiotic then. Do I even need to bother explaining the logical flaws in the argument? Is there anyone out there who didn't immediately come to the obvious conclusion? How can they not have got rid of it by now? I can only assume it's been so successful in halting piracy that they cannot afford to do away with it.



I tend to look down on social media addicts, like those poor saps who cannot go for more than a few hours without seeing someone else's updates on Facebook. Don't they have anything better to do?

On a completely unrelated note, I was recently awarded the Enthusiast badge over at StackOverflow. It's for those dedicated souls who have [v]isited the site each day for 30 consecutive days.

[The fact that all I have to do in Chrome to get to SO is hit s followed by the enter key is probably a warning sign...]


a problem to <span> the pages

Never assume that you know everything. That's so obvious I'm not even going to explain it further. But also never assume that you know everything that you do actually know. Because you may know it, but you don't know that you know it when you need to know.


oh, and the reason is because...

... it makes the heart grow fonder. Also, I was busy.


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When you're making an SVG embedded in an XHTML document, don't forget the namespaces!