I'm a GIMP user. I also use the image editor of the same name.

I know that any serious image editing needs decent software. But I work at a school, and our schools are not equipped with the latest in image editing software. Photoshop is prohibitively expensive, and GIMP is open source and therefore, according to the IT department, "unstable"*.

So I use mspaint. Yeah, that's right. I have a long history with it, and I have something of a soft spot for it. It does basically everything you need to do a quick screengrab, and works pretty well if you just want to resize something.

I can get over the lack of transparency support, the bizarre textbox resizing rules, the color palette that for some reason represents hex values in decimal format, and a million other little idiosyncrasies.

But come on, in almost two decades it never once occurred to anyone to fix THIS?

Perspective: 3px is less than half a millimetre on my monitor.

*Many machines installed by this IT department still run XP and IE6. Just sayin'.

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