svg to vml or gif and back

God only knows what my grandfather would have made of the title of this post. Gotta love how fast language can change.

Anyway, if you want to do SVG to VML conversions, I highly recommend Vector Converter.

Before you say "but Raphaël!", allow me to invite you to shut yer yap for a second while I explain: It's not for on-the-fly stuff.

What it does is, it takes a file and converts it to another format, see, so it's only really of use if you're not in a hurry. Say if you have a bunch of old VML files you want to convert to SVG (like me), or if you want to create some VML files as a fallback for an SVG-heavy site (like me). And obviously since it's a machine conversion, the converted file may need some tweaking by hand.

It also does GIF conversions, in case anyone still uses GIFs.

From what I've seen, it needs to be installed on a live server - I couldn't get it to work on my localhost. You need to download and unzip the original version into the directory of your choice:


And then install the second version (1.2, also linked on that page) over the top of version 1.1. Then just access the directory in a web browser and it's as simple as uploading the file you want to convert.

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