On a recent long-haul Korean Air flight, I was calmly enjoying the in-flight entertainment, trying to distract myself from the horrific chore of being six foot three and seated in economy, and for once I was actually succeeding.

Having a good thirteen hours to kill, I was watching the entire first and second seasons of Sherlock. If you haven't done it, do it now; you can read this crap later, or not at all.

Various spoilers follow, so be on the alert!

One of the scenes had a character smoking a cigarette.

The cigarette was blurred out.

Now, I understand that films are edited for plane viewing. Nobody wants to see disturbing images while flying, and some images might not be suitable for younger audiences.

So if you are of the school of thought that agrees with the notion that blurring out the hand holding the cigarette would ensure that nobody (especially not the inquisitive youngsters watching) would be remotely interested to know what it was that required such zealous censorship, then a) you are an idiot, and b) you are an idiot. But I understand that some people are idiots. So fine, blur out the cigarette.

But certainly don't even attempt to cut down on the images of the plane full of human corpses later on in the same episode.

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