do you want frie[d fingertip]s with that?

You know how Macs are superior because they never crash and all that? Well, can someone please let the one I have to use for work know? It appears to be labouring under the misapprehension that it is a fallible machine.

I am working for an IT and design company that uses Macs - not only for design, but for coding. I understand the virtues of Macs, but no one has ever described a Mac as being a powerhouse of programming productivity. I run several versions of Windows and Linux at home and have done for over ten years. In fewer than ten months working with the Mac, I have had more issues with file storage, software bugginess and random crashes than I ever did with my PCs. Not to mention the constant underlying irritation of the frankly baffling attempts to provide what I can only assume is Apple's best effort at UX.

If Dreamweaver hangs and crashes on me one more time...

If my mouse randomly disconnects while I'm doing something that is impossible to do with just a keyboard - yes, the stupid thing only has one button but the only thing worse than a mouse with only one button is, I have learnt to my cost, a mouse that does nothing at all - well, if it disconnects for no reason...

If I get one more jolt of static from the machine that is powered by electricity and yet for some unfathomable reason is encased in metal...

I swear I am going to hurl it off something tall, and let Newtonian physics take care of this apple, too.

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