Icicles? I think not. We gotta invent a new word for these babies. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you awesomenicles.

These were sitting above one of the entrances to the school at which I work. Man, it must be so cool to have these things around when you're in junior high. Can't imagine what mischief we would have gotten up to if we'd had them in my school when I was a kid. They look like they'd make GREAT projectile weapons....

Sadly, though, there weren't too many icicle clusters in Kingston; the chillest depths of winter's heart there are when the thermometer reads 25°C. We compensated for the lack by using mangoes as a primitive form of grenade, though, so it's all good.

mango... grenade... mangrenade?

Yeah, they explode something fierce upon impact. Whatever you do, don't kick one in the misguided belief that it is an oddly-colored rock. Or at least, if you do, make sure your best friend isn't standing in front of you (still sorry, man....)

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