conference blues

Why is it that whenever people attend a conference, they always number among them those who think that it is cool to badmouth said conference? Even if it is interesting. Even if it is providing opportunities to enhance their skills and enable them to engage in more effective work, even further their careers. Even though they are enjoying themselves. Why is it cool to constantly make fun of it?

I'm no stranger to the sarcasm, and I get the whole "conference = boring" stereotype. It's a safe topic of conversation for people who are only occasionally acquainted with one another, for who would argue? Well, I did. I said, "No, actually, I am having a good time. Aren't you?" Apparently that wasn't cool. I ended no small number of conversations with that line. Well I'm sorry. I thought we were in teaching because we wanted to teach. I thought that any opportunity for improvement would be eagerly seized and made the most of. What an idiot I was.

I, for one, enjoyed the conference. Having been to it five times over the past few years, I can honestly attest that this year was the best. Not a single workshop didn't but yield some priceless nugget of inspiration. The keynote and guest speakers were a joy to listen to, and I've already implemented some of their ideas in class, with great success.

I care about being a teacher. I have done ever since I met my first really good one in junior high school. I'll do anything to make myself into a person who can inspire a new generation of kids the way that one inspired me.

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