the big question

So, what's this blog all about, you ask?

Well, ignoring for the moment the incredulity I feel at your impertinence in thinking you may ask such a question, here it is:

I was born in the UK, but spent a lot of my youth in Spain. I moved to Jamaica in my teens, probably the best thing that has ever happened to me...

*looks over shoulder furtively, spots girlfriend, and adds:* ... until I met my girlfriend, of course.

Anyway, for college I went back to the UK, and discovered it didn't feel like home. My family then moved to Spain, which I love, but still isn't home. I've since realized that I don't actually have a home anymore. This is marvellously liberating. It sounds cliched and corny, but my real home is wherever my family is.

Of course, the fact that I now live in Japan, a country that pretty much is as far away geographically as it is possible to get from them, is irrelevant.

My position in this world is decidedly relative. I have no particularly strong feelings for a country or region, no strong ties to any one political view, no blanket love or hatred of anything in particular. I'm like tofu. Pasty white, with no particular taste, but generally pretty good. Or something like that.

Anyway, my philosophy is that there is no absolute truth in the universe. Everything is relative. Adherence to a strict, all-encompassing set of rules is foolish, in my opinion. Judging everything on its merits, as and when it comes along, makes for a much more fulfilling life.

Although, how would I know? I've only lived the one, after all. Perhaps I'm wrong. But I like being this way.

For the non-geek, position: relative; is part of a language called CSS, which is what allows the web to be colorful and interesting. As I shoehorned in mentioned earlier, I consider my own position in the world to be similarly relative. Hence the blog name.

And yes, that is pretty much as dizzyingly high a level of wit as you are gonna find here, so caveat lector, innit.

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